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Open Positions

Sept 28, 2018: Several Postdoctoral positions available on the topic of

Gravitational Wave and Electromagnetic Transients from Compact Binary Mergers.

Within the Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics a strong research environment has recently been established that focuses on the study of the electromagnetic signals from mergers of compact objects, G.R.E.A.T., see

Within this initiative, we are currently searching for multiple qualified Postdoctoral Fellows, in particular in the area of Modelling (two positions) and Observations (two positions) of gravitational + electromagnetic wave sources.

Theoretical Modelling Positions
Two Postdoctoral openings will be available for outstanding individuals to work on the multi-messenger aspects of sources that produce both gravitational and electromagnetic waves. This is a computational physics challenge that involves many different physics branches. Researchers with expertise in relevant fields are encouraged to apply. We search in particular for expertise in relativistic (magneto-)hydrodynamics, nucleosynthesis and/or radiative transfer to work with Prof. Stephan Rosswog.

Observational Positions
Up to two Postdoc positions will be open for researchers working on observational aspects of transients. Within GREAT and Engrave we focus on preparations and follow-up of optical counterparts to GW sources. Within ZTF and ePESSTO we also have resources to study other kinds of transients, such as supernovae. For more information on the observational positions please contact Profs. Jesper Solerman and Ariel Goobar.

Closing date for the application is Nov 30, 2018.

Further details on how to apply can be found under this link.