Computational High-Energy
Astrophysics Group of
Stephan Rosswog
Stockholm University








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This is the website of Stephan Rosswog's computational
high-energy astrophysics group at Stockholm University.

Research topics

Astronomical events:

  • Gamma-ray bursts
  • Supernovae of Type Ia
  • Tidal disruptions of stars by black holes
  • Compact binary mergers:
    • white dwarfs
    • double neutron stars
    • neutron star - black hole

Physical processes:

  • (explosive) nucleosynthesis
  • neutrino processes
  • strong gravity
  • gravitational wave emission
  • black hole accretion models

Numerical methods:

  • high-accuracy Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics code MAGMA2
  • world-wide first Lagrangian Numerical Relativity code SPHINCS_BSSN
  • an O(N)-tree method
  • numerical relativity

Supported by


"Gravitational Waves and
Electromagnetic Astrophysical Transients"

Research Environment Grant of
Vetenskapsrådet (VR)

Introduction to High-Energy Astrophysics

Stephan Rosswog, Marcus Brüggen,
Cambridge University Press, Sept. 2007

  • "... it makes an easy transition to the applications of physics to astrophysics ... The book is well constructed and develops derivations and explanations that are presented in logical sequences of thought with an ease characteristic of few books of its kind ... This is an excellent choice for the bookshelves of current and aspiring astrophysicists ... Summing Up: Highly recommended." Choice Reviews Online
  • "It could easily form the basis of more than one undergraduate course and should be required reading for anyone working in high-energy astrophysics. The style and layout are clear and all for a reasonable price. Highly recommended." The Observatory
  • "...this book contains everything a beginner in this topic needs to know: special relativity, gas and radiation processes, neutron stars, X-ray binaries, supernovae, active galactic nuclei, even gamma-ray bursts are covered in detail in an extra-chapter. ...The text is written in a very coherent way, physics equations are explicitely derived, physics students will appreciate that. ...a pedagogically well-thought-out text book. It is highly recommended to all physics students that want to engage in high-energy astrophysics." Sterne und Weltraum.

    The original review (in German) can be found here.